35 Years strong

Baitz Confectionery was established in Perth, Western Australia in 1982. A local family owned and run business currently located in East Victoria Park.


Baitz Confectionery produces a range of high quality sweets - specialising in Fudge and Marshmallow, among other products.

We are operating under two brands; one being Baitz and the other White Orchid. This is done to distinguish the purpose and features of our products. 

Baitz White Orchid Logo Black.png
  • Individually wrapped products packed in:

    • Shelf ready displays

    • Bulk cartons

    • Every day and seasonal gift boxes

Truck and Warehouse
Baitz White Orchid Logo - With Banner 2.
  • Unwrapped products in counter top displays

  • Hang Sell 6 pack bags


Baitz Confectionery have products ranged on a national basis with major retailers, and deliver to distribution centers across Australia. Distribution companies in most states also represent, sell and promote our products.

With a wide range of product capabilities, Baitz Confectionery is happy to discuss any specific product / packaging requirement you may have.